MESH Research is a lab exploring tools, platforms, and relationships for the future of digital scholarly communication. MESH is a collaborative effort of the MSU College of Arts and Letters (CAL) and the MSU Libraries.

MESH’s primary values are openness, community, and equity; as a result the work done by MESH privileges open-source, academy-owned, collaboratively developed, transparently governed, and highly interoperable systems. We operate within the broader scope of the College of Arts and Letters values of Equity, Openness and Community and MSU’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

MESH's Mission

Ensures access to
innovative digital scholarship 

Builds connections between
people and disciplines

Connects scholarly work
across platforms 

Humanities Commons is a key piece of online scholarly infrastructure in the humanities.

HuMetricsHSS develops humane metrics for academic promotion and tenure in the humanities.

The Public Philosophy Journal is an open forum for the curation and creation of accessible public scholarship.