MSU Commons/Humanities Commons

Humanities Commons LogoHumanities Commons is a trusted, nonprofit network where humanities scholars can create a professional profile, discuss common interests, develop new publications, and share their work. The Humanities Commons network is open to anyone. MSU Commons is an MSU specific institutional node of the larger Commons Network that is provided for MSU Faculty, Staff and Students.

Public Philosophy Journal (PPJ)

Public Philosophy Journal LogoThe Public Philosophy Journal (PPJ) is an open forum for the curation and creation of accessible scholarship that deepens our understanding of, deliberation about, and action concerning issues of public relevance. In contrast to other scholarly journals, the PPJ has adopted an innovative Formative Peer Review process designed to enable colleagues engaged with questions of public concern to create scholarship that is accessible to, relevant for, and shaped by the public. 


HuMetricsHSS is an initiative for rethinking humane indicators of excellence in academia, focused particularly on the humanities and social sciences (HSS). Comprised of individuals and organizations from the academic, commercial, and non-profit sectors, HuMetricsHSS endeavors to create and support a values-based framework for understanding and evaluating all aspects of the scholarly life well-lived and for promoting the nurturing of these values in scholarly practice. We are currently in the initial, exploratory phase of the project.

The Domains Initiative

The Domains Initiative provides faculty, staff, and graduate students from across MSU with server space and website capabilities to take charge of their online presence. With a Reclaim Hosting account, individuals can create a professional portfolio, a website for a collaborative project, and/or a digital archive or book. The Initiative provides individuals with the space and human support via training, online tutorials, and on-demand appointments.