MESH is, like its title suggests, a fabric of connections among researchers, faculty, and support staff within and across the digital scholarly publishing community. As such, MESH has a core group of collaborators as well as with other colleagues and researchers from MSU and beyond enabling us to call upon a variety of areas of expertise as needed for projects and initiatives. The core MESH team includes the following individuals:

Leadership Team

  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of MESH, College of Arts and Letters
  • Kelly Sattler, Associate Director of MESH, MSU Libraries
  • Scott Schopieray, Associate Director of MESH, College of Arts and Letters

Contributing Faculty & Staff

  • Brian Adams, Lead Developer, College of Arts and Letters
  • Scout Calvert, Data Librarian, MSU Libraries
  • Grant Eben, Information Technologist I, College of Arts and Letters
  • Sruthin Gaddam, Information Technologist II, MSU Libraries
  • Amaresh Joshi, Information Technologist II, ITS
  • Susan Kendall, Copyright Librarian, MSU Libraries
  • Megan Kudzia, Digital Humanities Librarian, MSU Libraries
  • Kristen Lee, Discovery Services, MSU Libraries
  • Lucas Mak, Metadata Strategies & Technologies, MSU Libraries
  • Kristen Mapes, Assistant Director of Digital Humanities, College of Arts & Letters
  • Kurt Milberger, PPJ Editor, Colleges of Arts and Letters
  • Bonnie Russell, Project Manager, The Commons, HuMetricsHSS, and MESH
  • Megan Schanz, Information Technologist II, MSU Libraries
  • Christine Tobias, Head of Discovery Services, MSU Libraries and the entire Discovery Services Team

Graduate Assistants

  • Christine Bennett, 2020–2021
  • Shannon Kelly, 2020–2021
  • Taylor Mills, 2019–2021


  • Christopher Long, Dean, College of Arts and Letters
  • Joseph Salem, Dean of University Libraries


  • Alana Carl, Undergraduate Assistant, 2020-2021
  • Robin Dean, Digital Projects Librarian, MSU Libraries
  • June Oh, 2019–2020
  • Jessica Stokes, GA, 2019-2020